Throughout my childhood, the smell of turpentine and oil paint permeated the air. I come from a proud line of artists from whom I keep alight the legacy. As a painter, I have worked with the notoriously difficult subject, among others, of contemporary portrait. Among my works are portraits of the Infantas Doña Leonor and Doña Sofía as well as Her Majesty Queen Sofía. Having studied at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts as well as some well-known workshops in Madrid, I have a well-developed and varied web of professional connections. From the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, I have friends from the 88th formation with whom I participated in contests and exhibitions in several Spanish galleries. Via these connections, I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles for 2 months, gaining a deep knowledge of American Art at the University of Los Angeles. Further along in my career, I was lucky enough to study with the well-known and highly-lauded academic, D. José S. Carralero. Moreover, I attended  a meeting held by the famous D. Manuel Alcorlo at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. At the same point in my career, I opened my own painting workshop where I taught painting and drawing as well as portraiture at the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors—where I held a position on the Board of Directors from 2008 to 2011-. As an artist wildly and endlessly impassioned by nature, I render works with a central focus on the combination of children and animals. Implementation of collage as a compositional element in these works elevates them to a new level of intrigue and mystery. I have had a long and successful career with multiple awards to my credit.



2016   First Prize XVI National Painting Competition, Sotillo de la Adrada 2016. Ávila.

2014   First Prize XLIV Painting Contest Villa de Madridejos. Toledo.

           Medal of Honor XIV National Painting Competition, Sotillo de la Adrada. Avila.

2013   Selected 80th Salón de Otoño (Autumn Salon). Casa de Vacas. Retiro Park. Madrid.

           Selected City of Alcázar XII International Painting Competition. Alcázar de San Juan.

2012   Gold Medal Roberto Fernández-Balbuena, Drawing Prize at the 79th Autumn Salon, Casa de Vacas. Parque de El Buen Retiro. Madrid.

2008   First Prize of Drawing, V Francisco Revelles Contest of Drawing and Engraving. Colmenar Viejo. Madrid.

2007   First Prize VI "Lorenzo Aguirre" Plastic Arts Contest, Drawing Mode. Madrid.

 Honorable Mention III Contest Quick Painting, Gotarrendura. Ávila.1998   Second Prize VII Painting Contest Lawyers´ Association .

1997   Honorable Mention VII Quick Painting Contest of Ávila.

1994   First Prize, I Painting Contest of Boadilla del Monte. Madrid.

Second Prize Contest Villa de Mohernando94. Guadalajara.

Finalist I José Cubero "Yiyo"Contest Painting. Colmenar Viejo. Madrid.

Selected Army Awards 94. Madrid.

1993   Honorable Mention,  XII Casimiro Sainz Painting Contest, Reinosa. Cantabria.

Selected Air Army Awards. Madrid.

1992   First Prize XII Círculo Catalán from Madrid Contest.

First Prize III Villa Valdemoro Painting Contest. Madrid.

Honorable Mention  III Painting Competition, Ponferrada Tennis Club. León.

1991   First Prize XVI Villa de Riaza International Competition. Segovia.

First Accesit  Gredos Painting Competition. Arenas of San Pedro. Avila.

Second Prize Manuel Viola National Painting Competition. Colosseum Carlos III. S. Lorenzo de El Escorial.



1991 Scholarship for painters. Fundación Rodríguez Acosta. Granada.

1992 Grant for Painters of the City of O Barco de Valdeorras (Orense).



2017  Small histories of the World. Traveling exhibition in six cities and towns from Ávila county.

2016  Small histories of the World.  Torreón de los Guzmanes, Ávila. / Creatures. Secrets of India. Madrid

          Paper and feathers*. Huerta de El Retiro. With Ignacio Sevilla. Retiro Park. Madrid. *Spanish pun

2012  Plastic Arts Exhibition 2012. Palace of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland (Collect.)

2011  Gallery Xeito. Madrid. Culture House, Becerril de la Sierra. Madrid

2007  Culture House, Navacerrada. Madrid. Museum Marina Gómez. Alaraz. Salamanca.

2006  FACES AND VOICES II, Caja Ávila. El Tiemblo. Ávila. FACES AND VOICES III, Caja Madrid. Ciudad Real.

2004  FACES AND VOICES I. The  Art Atellier. Madrid.

2001  Museo D'Urgell. Tàrrega. Lleida.

1998  Museo D'Urgell. Tàrrega. Lleida

1996  Milan Gallery. Madrid. Conde Toreno Palace. Cangas de Narcea. Asturias.

1995  Pilar Barrios Gallery. Madrid.

1994  Orfila Gallery. Madrid.

1992  El Almudí Showroom. Cuenca. Renoir Gallery. Zaragoza.



Enigma Picasso Project, and creator of Heroines of Time. Chaos and Creation and in the galleries Kreisler, Nolde, Xeito, Alexandra Irigoyen, Recoletos, Arlés, Milan, Zenhid, Balboa 13, Duayer, Infantas, CC22, Sala Juan de Villanueva (Aranjuez), Palencia: Art Fair, Sala del Círculo Católico (Burgos), Seville: Art Fair, Medieval Watchtowe in Langa de Duero (Soria); Alcoy, Alicante; Monasterio de Carracedo, León  and Sala Domus Artis, El Toboso (Ciudad Real).



Palace of Zarzuela, Madrid;  Museum of Contemporary Art of Ayllón, Segovia; Museum D'Urgell, Tàrrega (Lleida); Marina Gómez Museum, Alaraz (Salamanca); Conde Toreno Palace, Cangas de Narcea (Asturias); Contemporary Art Museum  Casa Spinola, Azuaga (Badajoz); Los Serrano Palace (Ávila); Ayuntamientos de Riaza (Segovia), Arenas de San Pedro y El Tiemblo (Ávila), San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Valdemoro, Colmenar Viejo, Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), Mohernando (Guadalajara) y Langa de Duero (Soria) and in private collections around Europe, Turkey and USA.